Manitowoc 22″ Modular Ice Cube Machines (Full Dice or Half Dice)


Indigo NXT has taken the guess work out of owning and operating a cube ice machine. Incorporating a 2.8-inch reflective touch display which provides access to features: ice machine operating status, step-by-step cleaning instructions, one touch access to the all asset information and a startup wizard to simplify the installation and ice machine set up process. Indigo NXT provides the owner with full status of ice machine, at all times.


IMPORTANT: If you do not already have one, all modular machines will require a 22″ ice bin or 30″ ice bin. 30″ bins will also require a K-00472 adapter.

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  • Signature front facing evaporator allows access to the food zone
  • Signature all white interior to easily spot grime or mold
  • New ice storage D-bin, with new hinged door that swings open
  • New ergonomic NSF scoop that keeps the thumb and knuckles from touching the ice
  • Optional fully integrated advanced sanitation solution Luminice® II keeps the foods zone cleaner longer
  • The average owner will save $1,500 over the life of the machine (Based on reducing one cleaning per year over a 10 year life of the machine).

Indigo NXT coupled with the D-bin ice storage bin, provides added sanitation while transporting ice from the bin to its designated location. The new ergonomic NSF scoop, keeps the thumb and knuckles from touching the ice and is included with every D-bin ice storage bin. The internal scoop holder keeps the handle above the ice, free from contamination. For those occasions when the scoop must be keep outside the bin, there is an optional NSF approved, external scoop holder which keeps the ice scoop covered and conveniently located.

Indigo NXT is the most efficient cube ice machines on the market today. Many of the new models incorporate R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and has 48% less global warming potential than previous models. All models are AHRI certified, as well as, exceed the stringent 2018 DOE (Department of Energy) minimums for energy usage. Many models are ENERGY STAR® 3.0 qualified, which makes them available for rebates from local energy companies. Indigo NXT is up to 43% more energy efficient than previous models, significantly lowering the cost of ownership.

The suggested bins for the 22″ NXT Series ice cube machine are:

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 22 × 21.5 in
Production Range

375 – 575 lbs Daily (depending on model selected)

Storage Capacity

Storage capacities vary with bin chosen.

Cube Size

Full Dice, Half Dice

Dimensions shown as Depth x Width x Height

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